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Award-winning journalist & author of environmental books. Investigative reporter, columnist, &. mng. editor of the green-building site Solaripedia, public speaker. Sketch artist.

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Vacant land article

From Vacant to Verdant

Parks & Recreation story on vacant properties being redesigned and developed into parks and lively urban spaces

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The Splice of Life

An early commentary on the promise and perils of genetically engineered products.

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What Gaia Hath Wrought

Twenty years ago, scientist James Lovelock sparked a furor with his concept of the "Gaia Hypothesis." Since then, the controversial idea has filtered into the mainstream as earth systems science.

Img 3240 article

Mudslinging on the Earth Beat

Once the Rodney Dangerfield of journalism, environmental reportage now gets some respect.

Volleyball girls article

Volleyball: How high can it rise?

The sport's appeal has widened, drawing a new base of fans since the Olympics spotlighted women's volleyball events in Beijing and beyond.

Car fuels article

Clean Cars

What fuels will power the cars and trucks of the future?

I3amvaz article

Sense & sustainability

So called 'green architecture' goes back centuries to Roman, Greek and native civilizations. Two thousand years ago, 'solar access rights' were written into Roman law.