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Mary kay blakely article
Los Angeles Times

Love You Forever : A look at the hard truths of motherhood : AMERICAN MOM: Motherhood, Politics and Humble Pie, By Mary Kay Blakely (Algonquin: $19.95; 291 pp.)

Good advice on mothering is hard to come by in books, writes author Mary Kay Blakely, who supplies a good reason why: "This great body of knowledge is essentially an oral history, because anyone engag...

The geography of childhood article
Los Angeles Times

Where the Pavement Ends : 'When they cut the forest down to make a city, do the forest rangers become police?' the writer's son asks. : THE GEOGRAPHY OF CHILDHOOD: Why Children Need Wild Places, By Gary Nabhan and Stephen Trimble (Beacon Press: $22; 216 pp.)

In the opening essay, Nabhan recounts the grim statistics on how many children will be born this decade in urban slums (57% in developing countries, 25% in the United States alone). And the authors no...

A good place to live article
Los Angeles Times

America's Last Migration, By Terry Pindell (Henry Holt; $27.50, 413 pp.)

For 20 years, Pindell, a former teacher, lived in what he describes as a picture-postcard New England town with a "huge old white church at the head of the square" (many people's idea of heaven). Yet ...