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Award-winning journalist & author of environmental books. Investigative reporter, columnist, &. mng. editor of the green-building site Solaripedia, public speaker. Sketch artist.

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Journalist Spotlight: Francesca Lyman

Francesca Lyman is a journalist and author of such books as The Greenhouse Trap: What We're Doing to the Atmosphere and How We Can Slow Global Warming, with World Resources Institute; and a children's...

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"Going to Extremes:" Human Health on a Warmer Planet

Session on Human Health under Climate Change @SEJ's 22nd Annual Conference in Lubbock, TX. Katharine Hayhoe and others. Link to Audio session.

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SEJournal Winter

Winter 2012-13, Vol. 22 No. 4
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Analysis: Obama's Second Term — ...

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Are we prepared for the next superstorm?

The massive size and ferocity of this storm as it rolled up the coast raised questions in the minds of scientists as to whether it was a harbinger of the fiercer Atlantic hurricanes forecast by some to increase in this century as sea surface temperatures, storm surges and sea levels rise under climate change

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SEJournal Fall 2004, Vol. 14 No. 2

Fall 2004.jpgNovember 15, 2004
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Cover: Utterly Boring: Looking At the Mundane Agencies of Your Beat May Startle
by Tom Philp
Inside Story: Great Lakes Series Sh...